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An english-speaking french journalist and writer, specializing in the history of Normandy and Great Britain, shares his discoveries, reports and thoughts in a lively and friendly conversation that takes you along the fascinating paths of the past. From little-known figures found in the archives to the splendours of architecture and art, the Historic Normandy Show will open up new perspectives to all history and heritage enthusiasts. With a French accent.

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Would you dare to face Robert the Devil ?

The fate of a terrible medieval Norman lord

Who was the master of this mysterious Norman castle? Why does his birth hide a terrible secret? And how can we distinguish the historical truth from the legend forged by poets over the centuries? Very anchored in the Norman imagination for centuries, the life of Robert the Devil has fascinated generations. In this episode, I tell you how a historic site owes its reputation to a character on whom many unanswered questions remain ...

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A Norman church invaded by the living dead

A Norman tale with deep historical roots

In Normandy, popular culture offers a great wealth of extraordinary tales. The one that I bring back to life for you today clearly demonstrates the fears and hopes of people in ancient times : It was a long time ago on the Normandy coast, in the port of Dieppe, in the Pollet district, the fishermen's quarter, simple and very pious people, used to hard work, aware of the harshness of life and always imminent possible death...

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A 16-year-old Norman on his way to hell in the trenches

The incredible destiny of a French teenager in the British army

This story is almost unbelievable, and yet it is absolutely true: the facts were reported in the norman press in 1914, where I discovered them in the archives. A patriotic boy, ready to do anything to defend his country, has lived an exceptional adventure full of twists and turns. How did he manage to get involved so young? Why did he embark on a ship to Saint Nazaire, only to be sent to Paris and Belgium? What happened when he fell seriously ill? Finally, what was the solution to this enigma in Normandy? In this episode, I tell you all the details of this amazing case.

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Why is Normandy such a great place for History buffs ?

A wonderful land of exploration for those who are passionate about historical heritage

In the year 911, a Viking warlord named Rolf signed with the King of France the treaty that founded Normandy. Later, in 1066, a Norman duke, who would later be called William the Conqueror, succeeded in invading England, and the destiny of all of Europe was to change forever. For centuries, Normandy will be at the center of political, artistic and architectural issues of exceptional importance. Well, this is just the beginning of the story, a story that we will explore together.